Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

I haven't been writing as often because I've ny city.

It's time I start following my own advice. I'm always telling others to just do it, and I have been in a sense, but I wasn't doing as much as I could. I was doing life the easy way. It's easy to hop on a bus, have a beautiful day in New York, then go home to quaint Cranford. It was the safe thing to do. 

Wells, Safe can go fly a kite. I asked for the bff necklace back. He begrudgingly handed it over. Safe doesn't like losing it's followers, I mean friends.

So yes, I'm here and today I did something that I've been meaning to do for years. I roller bladed over the Brooklyn Bridge. What held me back? I guess that would be the illusion that I have plenty of time to do the things I want before I expire. Nope, I'm not being a downer, I'm being honest with myself. This life will end at some point and I want to make sure I live my life like a bad-ass until then. (A beat.)

While blading up the bridge I saw three electric wheel chairs headed in my direction. When they got to me I moved over, stopped and watched the elderly lady who was followed by two elderly men in sunglasses (They all wore sunglasses.) speed towards the Manhattan direction. Um, they were doing what I wrote about in the previous paragraphs. Don't ever stop is how it should be. You're too old to move? Get a machine that will help you, because there is always a way to live life fully.

At the mid-point, where persons linger to take photos of each other or together, I stopped and stood there for a few moments. While there my mind felt clear, I could sense I made the right decision about the move. You know when ya feel like the wind is just blowing for you? Yeah, that's how it felt.

When I got to the bottom I was hoping to be greeted by a large ice-cream shop, but no such thing happened. I bladed along the main road in search of one, and nothing. What I did find was a cool spot to lay down for a few before heading back.  I had a treat anyway. (The sky.)

Wells, that was my morning. Now, I've got to go outside and live.

Happy July Fourth...........!!

p.s. If you ever wanna ride over rent a bike at the Seaport or at Battery Park. If you wanna blade over, go to Sports Authority.

p.s.s. If we don't like heights don't look down. You can see the road and water right through the cracks of the planks.

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