Monday, July 5, 2010


Apologies for not reporting on this sooner.

Bauhaus is a Taiwanese restaurant at 137 Rivington. Before the first Baohaus experience I watched Eddie Huang, (the owner) compete in a Ultimate Recipe Showdown, a food network challenge... Since my friend is a friend of Eddie's we made a day of it. We watched Eddie make pork belly sandwiches on the show, (I've been calling them Taiwanese tacos for some reason?) then we head to Baohaus to do our own tasting.  (Watch the show if you can. Eddie is really funny on it.) (That is crushed  roasted peanuts on the pork.)

And yow! So good! If you like sweet with your salty this is something to try. The pork was tender, and the roll! It tasted like jasmine to me, but when I asked I was told that it was a simple flour roll, with a touch of sugar for the kindness.

After returning, then returning, I kept having the same order. (This was BO, before oath.) Until last week when I ordered Uncle Jesse, the tofu option, with the Chairman Bao, the pork belly. (What? It doesn't count as long as I'm trying something new along side) And I've gotta say, bravo. You see, I always want tofu to taste yummy, want being the key word here. In Baohaus's case, their take on tofu tasted how I've always wished it to taste like.  Good.

So, when I finally got it together and decided to write about Bauhaus I contacted Eddie to find out a facts. I wanted to know how this idea became tangible. The start, I wanted the start!

This is how the start goes: Eddie was a stand-up comic who  had a show at the Laugh Lounge. During that time Eddie was securing appearances at random places. One of those random appearances was the cooking competition that was mentioned earlier. When Eddie got back form the Food Network contest he realized it was time to introduce Authentic Taiwanese style gua bao to Nyc due to all the fun he had on the show.

And there we have it! A restaurant!

When you go check out the family photos on the walls. And of course I love that. And if you try something else I wanna know about it! Also, also,  Here is a link to the Baohaus blog.

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