Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Cheers to the good life.

I had to see what was going on at Torrisi since a close friend eats there, like what? Four times a week?

At Torrisi's counter the man with the mouth, Tom, (This will make sense when ya go.) asked if that was my first visit, and if it was, "have the turkey." (Not that the other selections were bad, but turkey is their joker. Yeah, I just played a hand of cards. Canasta.)

When the sandwich was set in front of me on a tea cup plate, I thought, O my this is like a tea party! With out the tea! Then I thought, this is a very messy tea party. Cuz ah look at that sandy, it resembles my desk. (Messy.) Then I took a bite, and I said, (mouth full) thank Gosh aloud....When one is in search of good food, when one does not eat places twice, one has to eat a lot of bad food. I'm sticking to reporting on the good stuff,  which means I feel like I'm poisoning myself most of the time. Yet, it's all worth it when something sensational enters my life.

Now let's talk about the sandwich: There is a roll, spicy cherry pepper sauce (Which I've never had. Wow, good.) thick cuts of turkey, lettuce, red onions, & clows slaw. The clows slaw balances out the spice. If we aren't used to spice, ask for half sauce. (And idea: It would go great with a side of cottage cheese, cottage cheese doesn't get enough credit.)

 The food tasted so top quality that I figured it had to have been imported from Italy. So I asked.

What I learned was that Torrisi is owned by "the good ol' boys," that the ingredients are from the US. The tomatoes are from Nj, the prosciutto: Ohio, the parm cheese: Wisconsin, the coffee is from a small husband & wife company in up-state Ny, the wine: California and Long Island, and the bread is from Parissi, a nearby bakery. When I heard all this I felt as if a number of secrets had been bestowed upon me. The more I know, the better I feel about things.

I know that up until now Torrisi sounds like a sandwich only locale, but it isn't so. They are open for lunch from 11 - 4 a.m. then they close to get ready for dinner which starts at 6 p.m. The dinner menu changes each day, these changes are posted on their Website around 3ish. When I opened their front door (It's usually closed.) to have a peek at dinner, I felt as if I were walking into some one's living room, and every person looked at me as if I were interrupting a family dinner it's that intimate (No reservation required.)....I can't wait to experience their dinner. (The menu is written on the chalk board wall.)

Go. Have a turkey sandwich, or have anything else, I'm sure it'll be amazing as well. (I never suggest anything I've never tried, but my faith in them is big right now.)
Your Welcome.

O, and lastly. I assumed that the picture of a pig with a hat on on their business card was there due to the many pork products. But when I spoke up about it I found out that the owner's sister drew the pig, which is the why reason for it being there. I am so happy that I know this.

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