Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Grey Dog

When one stops to think of all the selections one has when dining out in Nyc it's simply small minded and rude to continue on eating out the way I have been doing, same spots, same meals. It's time to explore a bit more -- I owe it to this one life.

I'm a picky lady, so these, are truly must tries.

Last Thursday I walked into the Grey Dog on University Place, I've been meaning to for a longish time, but never did, since I feared I would not like it. Stupid fear.

Yeah, I approve. Which hardly ever happens. As I sat with my portabella mushroom sandwich (Yum), the four girls beside me shared one sandwich, that's how large their sandwiches are. And not only were these four girls sharing one sandwich, but they were not getting any judgmental looks by the staff for the sharing.

The framed sketch/art work on the walls.... Clever! I laughed when I read the one liners as I waited to order.

The restroom! I've gotta say, I loved it. Ha. The Grey Dog theme continued in the loo. You'll see. (I am a stickler for lavatories. I tend to get annoyed when more than decent restaurants have restrooms that are comparable to really bad disgusting restrooms. When the bathroom is thoughtfully planned, I think, they care, they really care. I smell a label category for NYC washrooms that should be experienced.)

What more can I say, but go. Grey Dog has three locations I will vouch for the one at:

90 University Place
New York City 10003

O and one more thing that I appreciated; The "Prevent Table Hibernation!" sign. It's straightforward, and I like it.

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