Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair & Fashion

A day last week I submitted myself for a modeling gig. Sure, I white lied about my height, as well as claiming that, "I can walk in heels with the best of 'em." And sure, these nontruths were evident upon meeting, but if had not done that, I would not have discovered the following.

At arrival at the 147 W. 4th Street studio, I smiled at the Galanga Thai restaurant next door since I celebrated my eighteenth birthday there. It's funny how many secrets the city holds in it's hands. (Good omen.)

Once inside my ears perked to the Brazilian music. I asked Ms. Jordana Hazan, the brain and face behind Untapped Fashion if I was correct about my assumption of the tunes, and if she was in fact Brazilian. I pleasantly heard her say that she was from Rio. My mother being a Carioca, we exchanged a few words of Portuguese. (Another good omen.)

After the word exchange I took a look around. I noticed the two salon chairs parked in front of two mirrors hung on the brick wall, the large bed behind the curtain, a very handsome dog sitting upon it, the small workspace that fit with the classic/romantic decor, and I thought, what is this place?

While Ms. Hazan's Argentine Boyfriend, Sergio took photos of me (I guess for fun's sake.) she explained the setup: Sergio is a known celebrity hair stylist, who is currently styling strands from their studio at a pay - whatever you can - rate. On Jordana's end she sells clothing created by up and coming, and here designers. (Meet Sergio D' Larosa, isn't he hideous?)

That's called making their space work. It's also called conquering New York. Ever feel like you've just fallen in love with a place or brownie because it's just that good? That is how I feel about what they are doing.

Will I be getting my next snippety snip there? I have too many good feelings about the place to ignore it. If you're thinking, same, the logistics are:

An appointment can be booked with Jordana Hazan at 561-400-2990 or at untappedjordana@live.com.

Fri. - Sun. clients get the good treatment, a caipirinha or a bikini martini. Go with the Caipirinha. ("The girl from Ipanema goes walking")

Do not show up with a twenty in your pocket. I do not condone that type of behavior.

Lastly, at arrival one may think -- It can't be here, this is a residential building, that's because it is a residential building, just press one.

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