Sunday, April 11, 2010

McNally, It's A Book Spot

This is a book shop. This is a cafe. This is a place I bring my journal or labtop along with a head full of thoughts.

It's changed since I found it. The cafe's back wall was blank, and now, it is covered with pages of notable novels.  There are books on the shelves, there are books hanging from the ceiling. This is not Barnes & Noble. The table arrangements have also changed. I'm going to have to say thumbs down to those class room type desks. But one can love a person without approving of their shoes, right?

Now the coffee. Yeah, it's the good stuff. Their flavored lattes part clouds, it's that good. It may be a bit more costly than Starbucks, but if you're paying that much anyways, this is worth a try. Tis true, Starbucks is good ol' dependable. They are also second rate to what McNally is putting out. (Sorry Sbucks -- I hope we can still catch that movie next week. I still loveee you.)

As we u-turn back to the head full of thoughts. I am not the only person who trudges to McNally with stuff on the mind. This means don't tinker with the creative energy. If you want to go there to chatter with a friend about a man or woman problem, don't you do it. For the most part this place is a haven for taskers. There is a time and place for everything. May I suggest Starbucks?

And of course I am going to make a scene about the washroom. Um, it's a forest. No, really it's a forest. The wilderness wall paper paired with the delightful babeling brook sounds say so. A few people have taken to signing the walls. Yeah, I signed it. Would you expect any less of me? Common.

Once you're there, that feeling you'll have won't be deja vu. You read it here.

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