Friday, April 2, 2010

New York

New York it's the place I am invariably going to and leaving. (Let's see if that can change.) After a number of unconnected hours of idly walking around, I got to thinking. What makes New York, New York?

The answer to this question came hastily as I sat in the sun on a bench at Washington Square Park. It's the people. A city is nothing without it's people. I wrote something similar to that in an earlier post, regarding another city, but New York's nourishment is it's people. New York would not be what it is known for without the small populations of persons who represent each culture, each category of life: the artists, the non artists, the buyers the sellers, how-ever which way one would like to paint it, Nyc would not be what it is without the mess of people that reside there.

In regard to these people: I want to know if they're happy. What are they doing to achieve this happiness? Are hopes and dreams being realized? Where the heck are they from? It's important to know these things.

So, from here on this Blog will actually have a focus. Will I stop writing about myself altogether? No, I think not. But there is an hour for everything. At the current time I am going to do a bit of listening and looking around. I will naturally report on other New York gems along the way.

Let's do this.

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