Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Night In

I was unsure if I should report on this or not, but it's far too "Serendipity" not to.

Due to a FaceBook status of, "Miami," a friend contacted to say, "You're in Miami and didn't contact me!" It was true, I had not. But I did not know of his move to Miami, which left me in the clear.

Also, I would never think to contact this person since I figured hearing from me was the last thing he wanted. I tortured him for two years with hour long showers, at twice a day on ocassions. In addition to these showers poor C spent all of his leisurely home-time cramped up in his petite room, since the four of us, myself, my ex, my cousin, and her boyfriend played cards in the living room at nearly every waking hour, for about eight months. When C quietly slipped out of his room in his bathrobe, the four of us gave him gawks of -- Who the hell is that guy? And why isn't he dressed?

After examining the situation from the present, we were wrong I tell you. You should have turned the kitchen sink spray nozzel on us.

When I received the -- I'm living at the Gansevoorte Hotel, come over for a drink -- text, I was overwhelmed in the best way, since there were no existing grudges. So, off I went to South Beach.

We met at the lobby, hugged hello, then took the elevator up to his place for a drink. (Note: Club music playing in the elevator.) While we sat out on the terrace that hung over the pool, with the ocean to the left of us, I understood why he chose to live there. I'm sure the poshness had nothing to do with it.

After this drink we head up to the roof-top for another. Two or so hours of exchanging information occured, then it was sleepy time for C since he had work.

On route back to my four wheels, I thought drunk driving probably isn't the best way to end this night, so I head to the W Hotel next door for water. Sure, there was a Wallgreens nearby, but I had already thoroughly explored that Wallgreens, and I had not fully explored the W Hotel.

At the bar as I waited for the waiter to come over to chirp hello, a blad headed man vocally approached me. He was standing there already, which I failed to notice. He said something about me being pretty or beautiful, he used one of those overly used words, and when I looked towards his general direction, I saw Eric, Mr. Starbucks, right beside him. From here on it was quite extraordinary.

Me: "Ahhh, didn't we meet like yesterday?"

Eric: "Yeah, yeah we did."

Me: "O my God this is so creep-y."

Bald Headed Pal: "You two know each other?"

Me: "I met him yesterday when I was out with my mother!"

Bald Headed Pal: "O, is this okay if I talk to her?"

Me: "Sure it is he didn't contact me."

Eric: "It hasn't been 24 hours yet."

Me: Yeah it has -- I've already written you off hours ago."

Bald headed Pal: "Ah common there has to be a waiting period. Those are the rules."

Me: "True, you should typically wait the 24 hours, but not when I'm interested."

Eric takes his phone out.

Eric: "Check your e-mail cuz I contacted."

Me: "I just saw you do it right now!" (Lots of laughing.)

After this the four of us went (There was another friend.) to another bar. On the way to this other bar, I learned that friend number two was a minister, and I thought how does this stuff happen to me? Then it was:

Me: "You're a minister?"

Minister: "Yup."

Me: "Aren't you married? Let me see your hand. (I examine his hand, no ring.) O those single woman at church must be all over you." (People I've seen it -- I think it's the power.)

Minister: "Yeah, actually they are."

Me: "I knew it."

Once we were at the bar I could sense that the Minister was deep into wife hunting mode since he claimed the bar stool beside a blonde woman and said, "You guys get to know eachother, I'll be over here." (I'm not sure where the other guy skipped off to?) My reply before heading to a booth was:

"E-huh, you go tell her about the Lord."

Then I laughed. A whole lot. I really have to stop laughing at my own jokes.

The rest of the night circulated around - getting to know you - topics. Then it was goodnight. Did I do anything about Mr. Tall & Handsome? Of course not, I hardly knew him. For the most part I enjoy meeting and getting to know all types of people, and laughing at my own jokes.

But, how rare was that second meeting? It belongs in the book of shiny things.

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