Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Old Note

I found this folded note inside a book I had made while I experienced the third grade. I'm not going to edit the spelling since that would rob it's charm. I hope this is thoroughly enjoyed. Ha.

Dear Charlie,

I'm sorry I told on you in 2 grade. Remember when we were freinds? Well I miss that.

When ever I walk by your desk you egnor me! I know I'm tough and stuff but I'm not that thogh. I'm like that because I have to act very tough to play pount and soccer. If I'm soft like jello they won't let me play.

So do you like me or not?

p.s. Do NOT show this to anyone.

P.s.s. Write Back.

From Jane Feige


 Poor Charlie and I lost touch all those years ago because I was unafraid of doing or speaking on what I deemed correct. Yeah,  I told on him. He brought a pocket knife to school, and being that we were such close friends, he presented it to me. In my little girl mind, I thought, school is no place for a pointy knife, so I told ol' Mrs. Pruce, or whoever, that Charlie K. brought a knife to school. Charlie K. if you stumble upon this. I'm sorry. I should not have told on you like that. Sigh. So, "sera, sera."


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