Sunday, October 18, 2009

Man List

As some may know, I am unspoken for and will stay that way until a worthy fellow comes along. How to determine such things? Create a list, I thought. We all have a mental list, one which is scarcely followed, due to settling or hoping that Jimmy will stop drinking or that Sally didn't hate your family.

My list consists of six detailed qualities which go as such:

Musts Haves

He is intelligent. He enjoys to read novels and/or poetry. He knows the answers to my questions without behaving pompously. And he should be able to beat me at chess on occasion.

He must be attractive. There should not be any strange back hair. (You have to draw the line some where.) The hair atop one’s head is unnecessary, I’ve noticed that most men are losing that battle. He must be in shape, but not overly muscular, definition is good.

He must be humorous. Laughs must be produced. I don’t mean chuckles, I mean eye squinting laughter.

He must have his career and/or ambitions in order. When speaking of his future the words, "One day", as the sentence continues on, should never be muttered.. One day without a plan, never ends well.

He has to enjoy traveling. This includes all things spontaneous. If I want Ben & Jerry’s at 3 A.M. that’s called it’s ice cream time. Also, hearting animals will be included in this section.

He must have a passionate heart. I want romantics, bloody cinema. I don’t want silly flowers or chocolates. I want him to bake me a cake and buy me a plant. I want him to run in the rain for me. But here is the catch, don’t give me the power to own you, (At least not right away ha) no-one has fun under those circumstances.


Dancing: No, not the gyrating of hips, dancing that requires steps.

The ability to speak two or more languages.

The ability of dressing one’s self appropriately.

Culinary skills.

Now granted, this is a bit specific, but everyone has their allowances. No-one is perfect. Yet, it is easier to get what one wants or deserves when the must haves are clear.

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