Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grab a straw & Enjoy.

Undying amore -- waiting years to taste someone's mouth, then only

When did that end? At some point in the 50s or 40s, or was it earlier?

What once required locks of hair and hand written letters: Now requires
-- You'd better bloody impress me by jumping through those fiery hoops
of you sit facing me and I the room. And you'd better juggle those
compliments correctly you clown or else there is no call back.

And once your done bouncing that ball on your knee you'll win a shiny
set of 87 unmarked keys.

Good luck with unlocking the door that leads to this Brazilian mix.

And if per chance we do meet flesh to flesh I will pointedly ask, "Pass
word per favore."

And you'll say, "I don't wanna play anymore."

I'll say, as if I were a mechanical doll, "Games, games,
games, I love 'em. I'm a famous player of these games."

Then something will crack. I'll bend over, place my hands upon my
knees, and say, "Hold on, sometimes I get winded from being so cruel.
There are times when I want to close my eyes and have
man beside me -- to barely touch, then touch -- to tell man I think
he's lovelier then two barrels of black plums."

I stand aright -- put arm out to man -- move him aside -- step back --
close door -- then stand on these two toes to peer through the peep hole
for 37 minutes.

"Shoo! Shoo! You annoying bird," said me.

"It's come to name calling, has it?"

I open the door to throw out a dog biscuit and sing "Go get it boy,
"then close the wood before our eyes say hello.

Five hours later. "I'll be back, I'm going home to change my shoes."

"Almighty, bye now."

The poetic sap attempts to reason with the unreasonable brute force.
Why not let man in? He could braid our hair.

Please, he only rated a 3.2 out of 6. I told you we aren't settling.

But the body says yes -- the heart beats quick when his scent looms near.

Please, eat some quiet. I'm boss now -- You've wasted far too much time on
emotional impulses & itches.


Choices are what we have now rather than love.

Watch 'Moulin Rouge,' and have a good cry about lost lasting intense

This hurts me as much as it pains you.

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