Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 33

Did I say one more? I lied as I sometimes do. haha

I have hesitated about writing of this story, since the person who co-stars has thoroughly annoyed me - Yes I'm talking to you -- but not writing it would mean to leave this unfinished and as I said this is getting finished.

At 1 p.m. I had agreed to meet Luca for a possible beach outing. I showed at 1:15-ish and stayed till 1:30-ish. No Luca anywhere. I figured it was not meant to be, so I went to the market, purchased two full shopping bags of food. Why two full shopping bags for one day? It just seemed right.

After lunch, Brendan returned home from his Vatican job and asked what I wanted to do that night, my second and last night in Rome. I told him, to go out of course with as many people as possible, I wanted to see everyone before I left. He okayed me and asked if I minded to wait for him until he got back from the gym, which would be at 9. I said, "Sure no problem," which really meant, not a chance in hell. Me, waiting five hours on my last evening, haha -- aw. I'm sure he had other things to do as well, but what was mentioned was the gym.

Shortly after Brendan left I met Luca on FaceBook. We had the - Where were you conversation - He claimed to be at the Re Di Roma circle. Was it true? Who knows. But we agreed to meet at Coin's cafe (This cafe/bar at the nearby shopping center) at 7.

While showering it started to pour outside. I thought, cheeses I'm going to have to walk in the rain, and for an instant I thought, don't go, but no, I said I would, this meant that I would attend no matter what.

When I arrived my pants were soaked through, but it was bearable. As I attempted to sit comfortably Luca appeared. He was so drenched that he appeared dry. As he sat there shivering a puddle accumulated beneath his seat. When he took his shoes off, he was able to pour water from them, his phone was kaput. Ha. He drove 30 or so minutes on his motor bike under the pelting rain. And he said it was worth it to show up as a wet dog then not to.

I had a coffee, then a glass of red. We comfortably spoke until he had to go to his soccer game. I asked,

"What time is the soccer game?"

He: "9." (The exact hour I had planned to meet Brendan)

Me: "Can I come?"

That question is what it took to settle the evening. When we got outside, it was sunny. O Mr. Weather your a funny one. We rode by bike through swerving lush roads to the sports center. He told me to hold on, I complied halfly and did so with one hand. It was quite enjoyable. Once there I took a seat and waited for the teams to gather. At this point the lack of dinner, coffee, and wine was teaching me a lesson to never repeat that combination again. I tried not to cheer passionately because when I did the excitement was met by sharp pain.

When the game was over and Luca's team had lost, (Curses) I held on to the fence bent over about to vomit. I sent someone to fetch Luca, and when he came out I tried my best to seem okay.

Me: "Luca I must go home I don't feel well. I need to eat something. Bread, something."

He offered to bring me to his house which was nearby. There was that little voice that said, bad idea, no. Then there was that sense of melting at the idea of being cared for, so I went. We ditched the bike and took his friend's car.

At his home I was offered comfortable cloths to change into. Ha I know this sounds ridiculous -- But I was feeling seriously ill, he knew this, and in my mind he sought to alleviate. So yes, I changed from the tight jeans to sweat pants. As I rested alone on the couch he cooked a risotto, which he served for me with cheese and prosciutto. (Dear American men it's time to learn a new trick)

We talked and talked until I looked at the clock and said, "O my gosh it's 3:30, I must go home!" It was too late, we knew it, and I had a train to catch the following noon, & Brendan was going to be pissed. I changed back into people clothes, and we took off towards the city.

As he drove we listened to 'Per Dimenticare' a song on the radio. Luca explained to me that it was about a woman who wanted her ex to show at her wedding, and he sang, please forget me. As he was explaining, or saying something, a police car came into view Luca ducked, I thought this a bit funny, but left it alone.

When we reached the apt. he ejected himself from his car to bid me good-bye. My good-byes were piling up by this point and weighing upon me. We hugged for moments, we separated, he gave his watch to remember him by, I said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Yes." I smiled, said thanks, slowly walked away as he did. He got into his car. I entered the building.

How lovely that was. How wonderous that days as those exist.

The End.

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