Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 32

It's tempting to attack other matters because there a number of issues that are currently plaguing me, but since I rarely finish anything, there is one more story to tell before this chapter comes to end.

The day I returned to Rome I had a reunion with the Re Di Roma family - Brendan, Miss English, C, and the new guy, A. Painfully Miss English was leaving as I was coming, so our exchanges were short.

That night I went out to dinner with the boys - Brendan, A, and Brendan's French friend J. The restaurant had an electrical problem, so our meals were prepared by candle light. How romantic for the food. J thought we were participating in some sort of a couple's night due to the darkness. Ha Luckily we were seated outside, so we were able to see our food when it came.

Afterwards we went to Pompii, the number one place in Rome for tiramisu, or so I have been told many many times. I'll rate it an 8 out of 10.

This was my first night back. Was is fireworks? Not so much. But it was something of equal importance, to sit & talk can many times out due the fireworks.

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