Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 7

Day 7 I woke up late!!!! It was the first morning of not rising at 7 a.m. since the morning I left for this crazy trip! It was a free day. We had the option of catching a bus into Florence for a walking tour, plus lunch, plus gelato, or staying at the resort to do as we saw fit. Of course I didn't get on the bus -- That would just be silly of me. I took up a table at the hotel restaurant, ordered brochette, and shouted in my journal until Kaan sat down to saw hello. My view: The pool and hmm the beautiful hills of Tuscany! Right choice? I think - Yes.

Kaan wanted to know what I was going to do about food since we both opted out of the tour dinner in Switzerland. (Kaan decided against it because he was tired of oohing and ahhing on que - I opted out of dinner because I opted out of most group activities. If I ever joined the military - I'd go A-wall in a week - I find it very hard to adhere to explicit directions. You say yes - I say no - you say yes, yes. I say Yes, no? (It's my most favorite game.) I told him about Za Za, this resty a friend from home suggested, he said yes, we looked up the address, took a map and went.

So good!!!! We had such a great time! I have to get my journal for details...."Emm it was so good and so was the convo. We spoke of lots, mostly relationship stuff. He's actually a quite decent guy - all most at the cusp of being a "nice guy," but not quite because he is courageous. When you stumble upon this - take it how it's meant. A huge complimenti!

When we got back everyone was at the hotel disco - I didn't really feel like going because I thought it chancy to try for further perfection. You have to know when to call it. But I went.

Once there I carefully avoided the Italian men that were dancing with their fists above their heads as if they had just won a champion soccer match, and went over to a lounge area, where I met these two English chaps, brothers, one 26, the other what 18? The eldest, G seemed sensible until he got on to the subject of 2012. Does anyone know what I'm talking about! He explained for over an hour how the world is going to go through this whole shifting/changing mode - and that money will be of no importance. Basically, he said the world is going to restart itself. Normally, I would stomp my right foot and argue the matter - but it all seemed to give him hope - which worried me a bit, so I smiled and played stupid and waited for the proper moment to escape. See what I mean about calling it?

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