Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 8

I awoke at 6 a.m. due to my room mate's return from I'd rather not say what. As she gathered her things she mumbled something in her Australian accent about, "are you getting up for breakfast - the bus leaves soon." I thought for a moment and responded, "Yeah I'm not coming."

She: "What?"
I: "Yeah I'll meet you guys in Rome."
She: "Are you sure?"
I : "Yup, I'm pretty sure I can catch a train in Florence."

She gives me a perplexed look.

She: "Are you really going to Rome?"
I: "Yesss, I'll see you there." (Laughing)

Once I made that decision I left our cabin in my PJs in search of our tour guide, Claudia. I explained to her that I would meet them in Rome - I had the address and number - She was agreeable enough about the whole thing - wait, what am I saying, she was pretty amazing about it actually. She gave me her e-mail address along with her number - we hugged in case by chance I couldn't find them, ha, and we said our farewells.

When I got around to it I rented a pedal bike to venture around the surrounding towns. Since the more populated areas were down the hill from us it was big fun gliding and steering my way, and trying not to get too close to the oncoming cars that were swerving around sharp corners. At one point I took a wrong turn and became lost - I stopped someone's old Italian Grandmother for directions for the "ciudad", but she couldn't understand my broken spanish phrases or the flailing of my arms, so I had to back track. When I got somewhere it was this little town called Figline - it does not sound how it's spelled. When the Italians say it sounds like: Feeema. (very long E) ........And now I have to rush a bit since I'm about to catch a train to Nice....(!) So Figline was perfect - it was the first location I had visited to that was not infested with tourists. No-one spoke English it was fabulous - not the best time to forget my Italian phrase book at the hotel but that's how my life tends to work out - I never have the things I need when I need them. When my stomach said food I found a secluded resty and sat alone with my journal - I ordered four cheese gnochhi that nearly made me cry it was so good. New York you were put to shame.

The return home wasn't big fun - up-hill in the dark is another story. I had to get off my bike four different times to walk it while listening to God's sound track of bats, frogs, crickets, and yelping dogs - It was a bit creepy, especially since I'm reading 'Dracula'. - Yet, I was so out of my element that I had to I did.


I'm off.


So many kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!




  1. all i have to say is...the end of june? se me cayó el corazón al piso y ahora está completamente roto en millones de pedazitos! >;/

  2. What----speak in English!!!! Is this you Katie? lol