Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 6

Day 6

Day 6 I spent 10 hours on a tour bus chatting with Kaan about odd subjects such as leg hair among other funny tidbits. I received a few death stares, or at least I thought I did, from B, since Kaan was spending most of his free time with yours truly. O well, tough - I was enjoying the company....that's all! (Jeez)

We arrived in Florence that night and I decided it best not to attempt to room with Kaan because B is a larger girl than I, and would probably kick my ass.
That night we had our first Italian dinner at which I arrived late to. I arrived late to nearly every group function. (I'm telling you, we were cattle being steered into every decision and activity down to the bathroom breaks. The whole thing thoroughly pissed me off.) The pasta was lovely, but the pizza was dry and did not meet my expectations. After dinner I passed Kaan and B as they were aggressively talking -- My guess was that it was probably about the bus ride, followed by us sitting together at dinner. What, it was the only seat left! All I could think of as I walked past was that I was glad I turned down his offer to rent mopeds and ditch the group for day 7. haha


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