Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Four

This is going to be short because Switzerland was ultra lame. Well to be fair I stayed in Lauterbernan, (yeah that is def misspelled) a small town that's geared towards tourists. One of the locals told me that the farmers are forced to make they're cows and sheep don bells - and that it drives them crazy! (ha) What I initially thought cute and quaint is now a sales pitch. I wrote a short prose poem when I was sitting on a bench atop a hill over looking the town. Have fun.

Out here on the red tourismus bench atop a mountain - I over look the town of Lauterbernan.

The dark wooden houses are prettied by the red flowers - The two colors seem to be having an open affair.

There's a yellow trolly spindeling up into clouds for 85 Franks - I'll walk it.

Goats with bells going on walk abouts in the wild flowers - Or weeds if you're American.

I looked at a Swiss watch for 16.27 minutes - I decided not to make the purchase and a Swiss woman complained loudly in German.

The water and toilets are clean - I could probably stick a straw in the bowl and drink it if I were locked in one of their bathrooms for eleven hours.

I spent 20 Franks at an internet cafe - The shop man became irratated that I brought along a sandwhich.

1/2 a Frank for four minutes in the shower - These people make it difficult to enjoy their village.

If I were a travel writer, I'd write, come for the day - Bring a packed lunch - use their pristine bowls & play loud music as you leave - I hear they don't like that.


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