Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gentleman vs Brute

Today I had run ins with two species of men; the gentleman and the brute.

The gentleman is a fellow student who I have two classes with. We have barely spoken at all this semester due to the awkwardness between us. You see, two semesters ago we met at the school book store, he worked there. I became friendly, as I do with most people and he asked for my number as most men who speak with me for over 15 minutes do. I gave him my number, fully knowing that I wasn't going to answer because hello, I have a boyfriend. I just couldn't say no! So yes he called shortly after I left him. I didn't answer like I knew I wouldn't and left it at that.

We haven't really crossed paths since until this semester, since we have a class together. We had been avoiding eye contact for months and three weeks ago I couldn't take it anymore. I confronted him in the hall and told him that I was sorry for not answering his phone calls, that I didn't because I had a boyfriend, and I didn't know what to say. Well, long story short, we made nice. 

Last Monday we hung out - completely unplanned. We went to Barns and Noble, cruised the books and stopped at 'Poet In New York' Lorca, being his favorite poet, he had me read two of his pieces. They were good, a little abstract to read while he stood right there, but allow me to take it to lunch alone, and I'm sure I would enjoy it.

After B&N we went to Whole Foods and talked about relationships over sushi. It was nice to chat and bounce ideas off someone new. 

Today we met again at his request. We ate hot dogs as we talked and walked around City Hall Park. We talked of chess and the seriousness of my coffee addiction. He walked me to class which was nice. As we said goodbye he said he had something for me. When he unzipped his back pack he pulled out 'Poet In New York'. (Did you know?)

In that moment I did know what else to say but thank you. It was such a thoughtful gesture. Thirty minutes into that class I sent him a thank you text, "That was so thoughtful".  His response being, "Ur somebody I like doing nice things for." I cannot express this enough how sweet that statement was.

I haven't responded because frankly I don't know what to say. I still have that boyfriend. Either way, my point being he is a gentleman. And I will treat him accordingly.

On to the brute.

On the NJtransit home I was attempting to read 'Dracula,' yet this lude lude character kept loudly speaking of his disgusting sexual exploits. It was that bitch this and this bitch that. "she had a fat ass" and "I would eff that". I kept telling myself, Jane just calm down - don't say anything crazy. These two guys were the types that would say something un-smart as a girl passes them by, and as I sat there I began to rehearse in my head just what I was going to say in case this brute were to comment to me.

As these lines of, - You are ruining public transportation - zoomed through my head - the main brute said loudly, "look at that fat ass, I would bang that," as he starred through the window at some poor girl. I kid you not, I shut my book and belted out, "Hey you- shut up - up there!" The other one starred at me and there was silence. After realizing what I had just said, I became nervous.

Luckily the conductor was taking tickets as the brute started to say something to me, and the conductor told him to shut it or get off the train. When my stop neared I got off and went past without any exchange of words. Wooo that was a close one. My point being? I have no patience for brutes. 

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