Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why - Hello,

I have decided to go public - what is the point of having a blog that no-one reads? If anyone crosses upon this - to those who know me hellos and winks - to those who don't strong handshakes and welcomes.

Tomorrow I leave for Europe and I intend to write where ever I can. (Internet Cafes and such - there's no chance I'm schleping my lab top around- the less I am responsible for the better.) I'm going for three weeks. I know not super long, but long enough. Yes? Who knows I may stay longer..Smile.

Before I go I want to kick this off with last weekends activities.

 Last Friday night my friend K and I went to Aroma, this spanishish night club. Once inside I scanned the room and decided right there that I was not drinking, one of us had to keep our wits about us. We went to meet up with K's ex and his friends. How else can I explain this bunch but a group of Ricci Ricardo look alikes with the personalities of any inadament object, pick one, and bingo you have it. They could not hold a conversation! One of them which went by the name of Julian attempted to make some type of connection with me by running his hand through my hair, then grabbing my belt loop and pulling me in to dance. I stiffly moved away and said, "Yeah that's a bit too touchy."

An hour into the night I pulled K's ex aside to ask him just what was wrong with him and his friends. Were they retarded - because if so maybe I could understand. His explanation was that they don't talk much when they go out, not even amongst themselves. When they do get chatty it's out on the dance floor with a woman, and that's how they make nice. I can accept that for it's face value, no actually I cannot, when I'm sitting at a table with five men, I expect someone to entertain me. Is this the Latin way, the Colombian way, or was it that I simply had a run in with a number of douche bags?


Saturday R and I finally spent a substantial amount of time together. I picked him up from the train station an hour late, (What! I got lost! I stopped for directions four different times!)then we lunched at Paneras. We spoke of everything but our situation, which seems to happen a lot, since we're both afraid to deal with the hard stuff. After lunch we went to a nearby park, walked around the man made lake, and sat. We had a heartfelt talk, went back to my house, had another heartfelt talk, ordered pizza, then had another heart felt talk. In fin - I think we're going to test the waters - maybe date again? I'm not sure, we didn't type out the logistics and sign the dotted line. I guess we're going to see - but it's an exciting we're going to see.

On a frantic note: In the midst of all the talks of feelings I lost my favorite sweater - It's this tan 'American Rag' throw type, which my mother bought for me in Florida. At 9:30 p.m. we return to the park in an attempt to retrace our steps. We walked around the slightly lit grounds - it would have been romantic if I weren't chanting - Please be there, Please be there, Please be there. As we search on R remembered that "you put a bunch of things on the hood of your car before we left." And that is when my chest tightened. I couldn't remember seeing my journal since early that afternoon. It was as if I were being laughed at by desperation because it had nothing on me. In an attempt to make sense of the whole matter I decided to do an experiment to tell if I had lost my prized thoughts. I pulled into the last parking lot we were at, put my soft covered spanish book from two semesters ago on the hood of the car, and took off. R wasn't sure what I was doing but went with it to indulge me. The book stayed on for some time, but once the car reached 45 it flew off and went splat! We heard it - there was no way we wouldn't hear my journal sailing and crashing away from me, it was a small comfort. I sped home from there - ran from my car to my house - and was greeted by my journal from atop my dining room table. Ha Sweater what? Who cares. I have my words and that is all that matters.

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