Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Shower

I attended my first Baby Shower yesterday. I went to my cousin, Elisa's shower, but it does not count since I was not old enough to wear a bra.  It started at noon, I managed to arrive at 1:15. I took the D uptown to W96 and walked a year. On this walk I stopped at a Deli for water.  Once I arrived at the destination I realized ...hey-where's my present? So yes, I had to double back.
Once there, I noticed the display of food: the quiches, cheeses, fruits, chocolates, it was all there and it looked yum.  I did not know anyone aside from the mommy to be, every woman there was 30+ with a career and or 1.2 children. And you want to know the big secret? They were all as nervous if not more then I was. I spoke to a mother who admit she thought she had nothing to contribute to the conversation because she was a stay at home mother. Another woman, a lawyer and mother of two, approached me a bit frantically and said, "I do not like meeting with woman at this time of day, I feel like I've got to be on my game." Some woman clung to their talk buddies, refusing to tempt fate by conversating with unknowns. And other woman used the excuse of having children to leave early. (I know they were sneaking off to the movies.) 

 I guess it's safe to assume that women intimadate everyone, including each other. 

Did I have a good time? It was a successful interview! I had fun watching the unwrapping of the baby gifts, those teeny socks. I enjoyed bothering the woman beside me by asking her how much her pregnancies hurt on a scale from 1-10. She kept telling me that every woman is different. I know what the means-it really F-ing hurt. Yes, yes I'm very glad I went, it felt a right of passage-esque. 

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