Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello and hello (wink) to all. I'm Elizabeth, actually no I'm not, but that's what I'm willing to go by for now.

A quick summary of the current logistics of my life in 71 words: I'm a twenty-one year old Senior English/Lit Major. I attend 'Wouldn't You Like To Know University' in New York City. I'm dating a thirty-four year old and have been since he was thirty-one, who happens to live in the City, which accounts for my sorta dorming situation. I spend five days in New York City and the other two I reside with my parents in New Jersey.

Here's some quick back ground:

Home Life: My parents sleep in different bedrooms and have for years. No it's not because of a snoring problem. It's a more they don't like each other problem, more specifically my mother can not stand my father and tends to go on vacations for months at a time without notice. She's currently in Brazil visiting her sister. While she goes to Carnival I stay home to read and mostly write. Something doesn't seem right in this equation.

Current Dilemmas: I can't decide if I should break it off with the boyfriend or not. He doesn't know if he ever wants to get married. He's bloody 34! And, I don't know if I want to marry him period. Then there's: I don't know which writing field I want to pigeonhole myself into.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Catskills with boyfriend. We shall see.

Cheers to my first post.

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