Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have few things to say on eats this week. The previous post caused a serious back-up due to the indecision of writing it. I’m still unsure if I was able to say anything worth hearing. I’m too close.

 Anybes, Bouchon Bakery won the Strongest European Chain Bakery/Restaurant In Town (In relation to dessert) competition.  They had no idea this competition was going on, which is how most competitions should be conducted I think. When a person/establishment does their best work without anyone looking it’s a renewal of hope for mankind. There are still good people and eateries out there.. 

Who were the competitors? Bouchon Bakery from France, Financier also from France, and Le Pain Quotidien from Belgium.

Le Pain has a nice lemon tart, (Get the small, the large enters -- this is too heavy - - territory.) yet I wasn’t so happy with their other choices. After striking out with three varied pastries they lost me.

Finacier. Hm. They have a good french toast pastry that’s only served in the morning. You might want to bring it home and toast it. It’s yum that way. Okay, moving on.

 Bouchon Bakery where to start? Everything I’ve had there has caused me stop and say, O my, before returning to the eating, until it’s all gone, or after the 6th time I tell myself to stop. The chocolate Bouchons, which are shaped like corks,  (French to English.. Bouchon: Cork) seem to be a love child of a brownie and a chocolate soufflé. Good for them!

I also had their peanut butter cookie sandwich which took me three days to eat. It’s like 'wichcraft’s PB cookie, except larger, and the filling seems to be butter & peanut butter, so ya know it’s extra healthy. I suggest that you eat half, then store the other half in the freezer for awhile. It turns into something glorious after two days. And if there’s some nutella around, you might want to do that too... not that I would know.

Bouchon's croissant was the best I’ve had in the city so far, which still doesn’t meet my standards for the perfect croissant. I tried to make my own last night due to a friend’s suggestion of, “Why don’t you make your own?”  My response: “You know what? I will!” Yeah, it didn’t turn out well. Sigh. There is a cookie dough like block doing time in my fridge right now… Another sigh. And, I can’t! I’m sugared out! Maybe I’ll wrap it up and give it to the doorman? I bet he’ll like it.

Bouchon I pledge my love to you, and only you. Until I find something better.

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