Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Plus…

This is half my find. 

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is now my favorite place of favorite places since ice cream is my drug of choice. I wish I could ski down a mountain of ice cream cause I wouldn’t mind falling then, falling would be the best.

When you get inside it’s much like having a visit at an ice cream shop at the Jersey shore (Inland, not Seaside.)  due to the laid back atmosphere, the music, the families. I’d rather sit inside even if it's sunny out. It doesn’t give me daja'vu. It’s more like coming across a pleasant memory.

The ice cream is fresh/natural, the toppings are first rate, the roasted almonds taste like roasted almonds, and not bland hard things. The next time I go I’m getting a waffle cone with three flavors. I usually get the large sundae, but it’s time for a change. (My sundae: 1 scoop Vanilla Chocolate Chuck, 1 scoop Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, 1 scoop Coffee, Hot Fudge, Roasted Almonds, Whipped Cream. I'm respecting it with caps.) 

When you walk aways from the Ice Cream head towards the street, then turn left, then left again at the River Café. There is a park there you should see. I take it there aren’t many people that know about it since the grass seems quite happy about life... It’s a nice place to eat the ice cream. Do it?

After you’ve explored Dumbo’s downtown head back to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory area to the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar because they have good food. It’s a concession stand set up, which includes them in the food truck hype.

The food is yes. (Cheese Platter, Pulled Chicken Sandwich, etc. They're renegades, they don't have a website.) the prices are low cause they just started their five year lease this June. Attention: Go before the prices go up. I had the Baby Back Ribs with claws slaw, and I nearly ordered fries on the side cause the price told me it wasn’t going to be enough. It was enough, and I’m pretty sure I robbed them?

Everyone likes to talk about their liquor license cause I guess we're all twenty-one at heart. But let's not forget about the eats, even though the title of their concession stand is a bit misleading... You could have named it anything..And you went with "Wine Bar." It makes me want to hang my creative head and cry.

Go before the season is over, (October.) cause they’ll only be back in March.

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