Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beard Papa's

NYC Beard Papa's (aside from the one on W. 79th.) has closed. And it may have something to do with that link. 

I'm kidding, although that website is not helping their cause.

Earlier this week at the W 79th street Beard Papa's the manager explained that the other BPs aren't really connected to the flag ship, the 79th St. spot. That these Beard Papa's were chains, and that she didn't know why they had failed. Um...She has to know this info. She probably didn't feel like going into it with some girl who asks a lot of questions... My guess is that following the house rules was not in the contract, therefore they strayed away from what works. Starbucks rules for a reason. Consistency.

Back ta Papa's.

I was so pleased with life when I realized that New York still has a Beard Papa's. Then, I was displeased to see the emptiness of the restaurant. This was the same place that had a line of people snaking out of the entrance at any given time for the first two years it was open.

The only reasons I can think up for it not working are the shop to restaurant make-over, and perhaps they stayed longer than they should have. Beard Papa's has already established themselves as a -- get what you ordered then go -- spot. And if I'm right, if they remodeled in a final effort to stay awake, it may have been the wrong move. We all have to know when to call it.

The ironic part about all this is that they have something to say. The cream puffs are yum, the flavors are many, and some of them aren't boring. (Pumpkin, coffee, green tea, Earl Grey tea.) I can also speak for the cheese cake sticks. Yo, it's worth the calories. It's hard to find stuff worth the calories these days. (I had my last Mr. Softie cone last week. Never again.)

So-s if you likes the cream puffs take the 2 or 3 to 72nd and skip the rest of the way.

p.s. There is a Grom next door. Do it. Do both.

p.s.s. Beard Papa's started out in Japan. And yes, I'm a little confused about the logo picture of an old mountain man smoking a pipe, and by the three or so french deserts on the menu. But I'll go along with it for now.

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