Friday, July 30, 2010

High Line Park

The High Line Park

 Whether the theme for a park calls for relaxation or activity the end result that persons aim for when constructing a park is happiness and balance. This is why I'm drawn to parks. And yips, I agree with the H&M T-shirt I bought a few weeks ago that says, "The best things in life are free." (Is it ironic that I bought it?) I'm almost sure that nature is a major source of happiness.

Near the 17th Street entrance there is a sitting area or an observatory nest that permits the public to   people watch & to experience the motions of NYC.

The flowers that are planted among railroad tracks are incredible when compared to the past. The trains that previously moved along those tracks were used to transport produce, milk, and meat across the Avenues directly into factories. Yet, something tells me the primary transported goods were meat, hence the meat packing district.

Underneath the bridge there is a window exhibit which we can thank artist, Spencer Finch for. The windows vary in color because Finch documented how the sun changed the hues of the Hudson River for 700 minutes, each minute has its own color. This reminds me how nothing is one color. It also reminds me that we are forever changing.

Also underneath the bridge, one can hear bells that are associated to New York. (Church bells diner bells, & bike bells.) A different bell sounds at every minute that passes due to Stephen Vitiello.

Another interesting factor about the High Line are the movable wooden benches that are connected to the tracks.

(View High Line's Event Page for future happenings.)  

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