Saturday, July 31, 2010

Broadway At Bryant

Thursday afternoon i got myself to Bryant Park for Broadway at Bryant.

 I got there on time which was late for Broadway since there were already bodies in the closest seats. (I was glad I made it more than anything period)

The first three songs were from The Lion King. Although I've seen the LK in theater, those songs gave me the chills. Which left me a bit astonished that I was able to detach myself from the heat and the crowd enough to experience that moment. I guess that means I'm back on track and that, that show is bloody good.

Then the The Addams Family went on. The song that struck me as solid was, 'Just Around The Corner.' What of it?  It's a song about how evident death is, and it was sung and danced to as if this were a wonderful message...The Addams Family humor, is so not like Aladdin. (Robin Williams did a great job at making me laugh with that. I like that type of laughter too.)

I couldn't really hear what was going on with Next To Normal (The third performance of the four.) due to the two ladies behind me who were catching up on old times. That was precious. (Wednesday Addams humor.)

Thankfully the chattery women left before I lost my zen, and before Wicked went on..... Um, I think I have to go see Wicked now? I got emotional when I heard, 'For Good,' the song that the Wicked Witch of the West sang with Glinda the Good Witch. When I saw those two get along I felt hopeful. That's what Broadway is supposed to do, right? It makes you feel.

Point being? (Although I already wrote about Bryant a lot.) I was able to have a taste of three and a half Broadway shows by simply showing up at the park for an hour. There are two weeks left of Broadway at Bryant.... And yis, I get that it's at a weird time (12:30 - 1:30 p.m. on Thursdays.) for workers who wear blue or beige, but there's always lunch and long coffee breaks.

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