Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lunch: Cafe Duke / Guy & Gallard

Since there are so many restaurants to figure out in Nyc I have decided to eat at no place twice. There are only so many times one can dine at WholeFoods before having to admit there may be a serious issue there.

Or if I can't get over a certain spot, it's called order something else on the menu. I'm sticking to reporting solely on good things, since I don't really feel comfortable about trashing people. But who knows what I'll do in the heat of the moment when I take a bite of something truly terrible. (Please root for my self-control.)....Welcome to the "yes" phase of my life. Lets hope it lasts until old age. Actually, why does it have to end at old age? I hope it lasts until I die.
On that note, let's talk about lunch. Lunch is a tricky thing cuz we don't really want to spend a ton of money on it, yet enjoying it is just as important, at least it is for me. O and there's that time issue. M-F Nyc lunches are comparable to rushing.

I tend to be afraid of the places with the many trays on display for various reasons. (WholeFoods does not belong to the scary trays category.) Then, there are the chain restaurants which are dependable in a sense, but not always yummy. Or so I thought, or so I thought.

The pic above is from Cafe Duke. Duke has three locations, but since I've only been to their 41st cafe, I can only honorably vouch for that one. (I'll get back to you about the other two.) While at Duke I put together a salad of Moz. cheese & cherry tomatoes, beets, and pesto ravioli. If you're wondering about the cherry tomatoes since we all know that was a risk, I did not have to spit them out in a napkin.

Furthermore Duke has everything that a person would ever want, plus fresh vegetable juice. The food is fresh, it's inviting, and when ever I walk past, (I do a lot since it's on the way to my internship.) the Cafe is teeming with people. This means nothing sits there longer than it should. And there price per pound is friendly. O and it's clean there! Yes, I promise this is a make believe place.

Then there's Guy & Gallard. There are eight G & G locations. I had no idea there were so many. I can speak for the one at 40th btw 7th & 8th, and the one at 31st & Park. The 31st. G & G is a sit down place, so this may be more of a weekend stop, if you aren't taking it to go.

When I went I took my grilled chicken with mozzarella, tomato confit, and agrugula pesto sandwich to go. When I opened the white box as I waited for the subway (I couldn't wait.) I was happily surprised by a side salad. That side of salad made me very happy for some reason. Then I bit into the sandwich and got really annoyed that only just found out about this place now. The chicken was tender and who does arugula pesto? The ciabatta bread may not be the healthiest choice, but do a couple of push-ups when you get home cuz it's worth it.

The 40th location does not have waiting service. You will have to use your arms and legs, which is super duper great when time matters. I made my own sandwich there. (Do you really wanna know know what it was? If send me an e-mail and I'll tell you.) The vital factor here is that there was no skimping in ingredients. And the whole grain baguette tasted good & healthy versus healthy.

My advice to you when there? Do yourself a good deed and take the extra five minutes to have a sandwich made. The bread doesn't get soggy that way.

Now I'm off the computer -- It's outside time.
p..s. I'd like to thank Sanna Chu for Guy & Gallard...

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