Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'The Break Up'

The Break Up
By Sanna Chu

I do and I don't want to know what you've been up to

I'm near ecstatic when I see you're online

I don't talk to you but it's nice to imagine you there alone at home suffering as well

I sign into every single chat thing

Hoping to find evidence of you not being out

I read every comment anyone has ever left you since 2004

The many many many girls who wanted you inside them

The girls who had you for a time soothe me

I could never tell the world that I wanted to scream your name

And I never loved you as much as Technicolor Girl.

Sanna Chu recently graduated from Pace University with a BA in English & Literature. Her focus was writing. Sanna has won a number of awards at Pace in Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, and Journalism. What does she do now? She works for free at an internship, it's such injustice. Her dream job? Publishing, right?

On a more personal note, Sanna is an Australian who now resides in Nyc. Yup. I like that.

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