Saturday, May 22, 2010

Searching For Thee Dress

My Mother: "What are you wearing for graduation? Me: "I donno? I haven't really thought about it." My Mother: "Do you think you should get a new dress? Me: "Is that your way of suggesting that I do?" My Mother: "If you feel like getting a new dress, I'll pay for it." Me: "Okay. And thanks." So I took an afternoon to find a dress. Actually, I took two afternoons, or was it three?

The initial afternoon of searching, I walked into Roni, a clothing shop on Broadway. (Downtown) While there I combed through each dress, feeling the fabric, while my eyes scanned for what I wanted.. I wanted Day. I wanted Happy. I dress how I feel. I touched every dress there, and there were many present that I would wear. But for this particular occasion I choose three to play dress-up with. There was a floral magenta dress, which I tried on last since I knew I had a strong inclination towards it. (I give myself a hard time with buying the first thing I try on.) And when I put magenta on yup, that was the dress.

Did I buy the dress? No. I enjoy torturing myself, and I had it in my head that I wanted to see what Anthropologie had before making any decisions. Before departing, I asked the manager, Michael, the chances of magenta still being there the following day if I didn't make the purchase then. Ya see, Roni's dresses are purchased from all over the US, Europe, but mostly Asia since, "they have a very unique style." And, "We also buy 1 to 3 of a kind," which means that's all they have of that dress in stock, unless there's a special order put out. (Special orders usually mean time.)

After Michael took a look at the computer he responded, "There are three currently in the store right now. And if you come back tomorrow it'll probably be here," instead of, I donno, you'll definitely be taking a chance response. That is what I look for in a shopping experience, someone who is looking out for my interests, as well as their own....I thanked Michael before leaving, because that type of shop honesty is refreshing.  

The following day  I took a trip to Anthropologie, where I examined many dresses. Yup, the entire time I kept thinking, I want magenta dress. This isn't magenta dress. Sigh.

The following following day, I returned to Roni to say, "Is it still here!" And yes it was, it was the last one of the three. I was also going to purchase this cream hued fabric belt. I'm not a huge fan of belts, but the dress needed one. Yet when I heard it's price, I hesitated. It wasn't anything extreme, it was just more than I was willing to spend at that moment. (Even though I wasn't spending my own money, that's just me.) And Michael was fine about it, he didn't snob me, or guilt me with silence. He actually gave me a clear description as to what I should be looking for when continuing the search. Again, with the honesty. Thank You.
After this whole ordeal I contacted Michael for a few more details about his work-life. What I found out is that there is a point system. Each spent dollar is equivalent to a point. When one reaches 4/5 thousand points, V.I.P. treatment commences. Which means discounts, not chocolates. There is also a $25.00 gift when one spends $250 or more. (Yup, there's a shelf-life on that.) This may be a more reasonable goal for me.
And as for the shopping itself, I'm very specific with my purchases. I think we all reach a certain point where we have everything that we already need. So, when I make additions to the closet I think: What will this add to my collection? Because everything should mean something.

In close: If you're looking to splurge, try something new at....well, I think I've expressed the where information thoroughly enough....too much repetition is no good. And before I forget...there are three other blank shops, which are all located downtown.
(p.s. You'll get a better idea of the dress next week.)

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