Friday, May 21, 2010

Luke's Lobster Rolls

"Dr Claw will be serving up the streets starting at 6pm. Have cash in hand. Text from the red wall across from address (I had to delete the address) with the number of rolls you are looking for. Wait till your text is answered and take a quick walk around the block. You will be given the exact location about 10 min after your first text. Do not be late in getting to location #2 Your rolls will not taste good the longer they sit...Send a follow up text letting us know you have received the roll. Dr. Claw does not make change on the street. Suggested donation: 14"

Yup, I did something in relation to the above in order to taste the "Best Lobster Rolls in Nyc." Um, yeah it was fun exchanging a brown bag for money on the street with a guy who went by, Dr. Claw, who did wear bling around his neck in the shape of a rather large lobster claw.

And was it good? Yes. There were sizable lobster chunks in a buttered hot-dog roll. There isn't much to complain about that. But it being the first lobster roll I have ever had, there wasn't much to compare it to.

So, at yesterday's noon I decided to check out Luke's in the East Village, (93 E. 7th St.) since I have a friend that works there, Nic, who has been claiming good things about Luke's lobster rolls for some time now. (Way before this Dr. Claw ordeal.) When that decision was made, I texted a friend to ask if he felt like having lobsters rolls for lunch. The response: "LOBSTER ROLLS?!?! Laugh. Been craving those forever! I almost got one last night but changed my mind at the last minute. Where in the East Village?" First: I had no idea lobster rolls were this loved? And second, take a look at what fate did.

At Luke's the chunks were larger, and there was this herb, I don't wanna say sauce, but juice would sound weird, on it. It was refreshing, rather than buttery. Which is what I like. And it looked pretty. The folks over at Luke's hadn't the slightest idea what I was up to, yet it was still pretty. That says something about their attention to detail.

After the positive experience at Luke's, I looked them up. An interesting factoid about them is that their lobsters are driven down from Maine. And according to their website, "Your server can trace your roll back to the very harbor where the lobster was caught. If your first bite brings to mind an old lobster boat steaming through the morning fog off of Vinalhaven Island, it’s because that’s exactly what happened just hours before." What a beautiful  paragraph. And, I'm pretty sure this is true, because I've tasted, and it does taste fresh. (p.s. They are also opening a UES shop at 242 E. 81St. btw 2nd and 3rd.)

And no, I'm not dogging Dr. Claw, he has his own madness going on. The whole waiting around on a random stoop, before making an exchange for goods was just as entertaining as it sounds, especially since I was accompanied by Thomas. Yup, it's mandatory that all of my interviewees must hang out with me after the interviewing process is over. You should really take a closer look at that fine print. (If you want to track down Dr. Claw he Tweets about his schedule.)

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