Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Looking For My Life'

Looking For My Life
By: Dr. Walter Raubicheck
For the past quarter century, I looked for my life.
Such a long time to be without it!
Looked behind doors, up in the attic,
On the street where you live.
Gone missing…or fishing.

A con man tried to put me wise
But not in a wisdom-way:
“Spread some money around, you’ll find it!”
So I did…
But it got into the hands of all the wrong people.

So instead of a life I’ve had a role
And I played it very well:
Summer stock, all the regional theaters,
And I caused some laughs and tears.
A good gig, for twenty-five years.

But I just can’t put the old zing into it anymore.
I need a new part…or my life,
Which is still playing hard to get.
I’ve tried religion, and sex…
Next I’m going to take up Tae Kwan Do.

At least I’ll go down fighting
Looking for my life.

Dr. Walter Raubicheck, is a professor at Pace University. He has published numerous scholarly articles on literature and film. He is also a playwright who has had a number of his works produced in the city.

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