Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Romeee? No, Grommm.

Let's talk about gelato. Since my EU holiday, I have not been able to find a gelateria that has been able to match the quality of Italy's gelato. I tried my luck at two handfuls of gelaterias in the city. And nothing. I could not find anything akin to the goodness that Italy has. I simply dealt with the fact that I would not have good gelato again until I return to Italy. Then there was Grom.

Holly. Schmolly. It's good. O, and it's expensive, like really expensive. It's also completely worth it. Ya see, every ingredient that Grom uses is organic. They grow their own fruits at Mura Mura, their farm in Italy.  They purchase the best of dairy and nuts. And they choose their monthly flavors according to what's in season.

All this information is listed on their Website. But, I can tell you from my experience, I think it's true. I did not feel the heaviness I would normally feel after any desert. (I promise I won't repeat this, but I'm onto something.) Also, Grom's gelato melted in a rushed manner the same way Italy's gelato did. I think it has something to do with the freshness, and the organic qualities that Italy's fruit has in comparison to ours.

Yes, I'm referring to US fruit. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but natural fruits and vegetables are not supposed to be that perfect looking. That's called chemicals. I know, it was a major bummer when I found out too.

Another factor to be noted about the cost of Grom's products is that all of their plastic, their spoons, and their garbage bags are biodegradable. And the paper they use, it's recycled. This is due to their Grom Loves World movement, Grom's effort towards going green. So, when you're paying a little more -- That's why.

When I asked Grom's manager, Richard what his favorite flavor pairing was, (cuz you can't just get one.) the response I got was: "I prefer a simple Stracciatella. We use a milk base called Fiordilatte (Literally it means, milk flower.) and chocolate chips from the Columbian Teyuna Plantation. I'll pair this with our Coconut Sorbet. The pairing gave me the idea to try to add chocolate directly to the coconut. I'm proud to say it has become one of our flavor of the month offerings.A small thanks to me." (Smile.)

Of course I had to try Richard's favorite, especially since coconut is one of my preferred gelato flavors. (I am very aware of what it's supposed to taste like.) And yeahhhh, it's good. I was surprised that the coconut was sorbet and not gelato.
What else can I tell you about this place? Um, go there, and please get back to me after you do.

And final note: "We're also gluten friendly, with the exception of a few flavors." So, make sure you ask which are rude.

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