Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Late Night Reading

Lately I have been staying up reading until 3 or 5 A.M. Last week it was, 'Queen Of The Damned,' and this week is, 'Redeeming Love.' Yes, it is a Christian novel. Yes, I am reading it for my book club. And, yes, it has made my eyes roll more than once. But, it is causing me to realize or remember just how I would like to treat a person. (Thank You Kate)

I would like to be good to a person, to treat them well, and not be terrified about it. I understand that one must wait 72 hours, at the very least, before first contact, and that one should have their self-respect intact at all times. But why has it become so hard to simply be good to another?

Dear World: We are confused as to what relationships are, how they start, O, and how lucky we are to have them.

I believe we are all going through this, "Voce nao vale nada, mais eu gosto de voce," phase, (It's a Brazilian song, the translation of it is, "You don't value anything, but I like you." The idea of this song is: The male is obsessed with a female who makes him suffer.) and I am only wondering if there is an end date to this phase. I don't want to torture anyone or vice versa, both feel bad on equal accounts.

Now I must go -- Duke is back and I'm scared.

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