Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Day At Pace

Class Of Poets

This little poetry family is breaking up. What I have to say on the subject is:

"I have a secret,
I have to tell."
"I am in love with you."
"The complications of the truth are unbearable." -Devieka

"I hear your rhythms bouncing off walls." -Catherine
"It takes a courageous person to expose human nature
when no one wants to listen." -Jenady
And now what to do?
"Shave my head, spill a drink, and be left alone"? -Mihir
What to do without these talks of,
"the poop-colored floor, -Catherine
without Jenady's odd inquires,
or Anthony's pompous remarks?
Really, who cares who Alfred is?
And what of Patrick's all-heart brooding effort,
or his "impression of a cucumber"? -Patrick
Or Yusuf's poems that invariably remind me that I have no sex life?
What of lexi's distrust of capitol letters --
Am I to forget this too?
"I am no longer impressed with declarations of brillance,
espresso wrapped in ribbons, easy smiles, & science." -Zeynep
But, fine, I'll go on as I must,
though not without this poem that you all have helped me write.
Don't expect any solid good-bye, I'll say it,
"while fumbling around paint cans, looking guilty enough for eye brows to rise." -DJ

A little background: I went through an assortment of poems that were read in class by fellow classmates, and this is the product. What to say, but this class was my favorite.

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