Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Desert Truck -- Part I

I can feel the magics. Can you?

I have a glass of cold sweet milk beside me, the rain is raining, and life is good. I have not said that in a while. But yes, life is good. I had been feeling a tad plagued lately, inconsolable about the loss of day light hours among other things, and today something from the summer came knocking. Maybe it was the dress I chose? That's probably what it was.

Let's start with the afternoon. My gem, A, came into the city today for a holiday, and since I had a very long break between my first and second classes we planned to meet for lunch then track down the Desert Truck in the Flatiron district for sweets.

 After lunch we set out to the Flatiron for a nutty chocolate something. Yet, once we got there no truck. I have to say I was beside myself for a moment, I had been thinking about that desert truck for quite some time. While standing there starring at Madison Square Park I thought, well where is it? After willing it to appear did not work I decided to ask a nearby coffee truck man. He expressed that the truck had moved to West 8th and University Place.

In fin, no desert truck at West 8th and University. By that point it was comical. As we walked on we passed Dash Diva and reminisced about that horrible day we decided to get Brazilian waxes. And how Miss Wax told A that the customers were becoming frightened due to me hollering, "I can't take it!"

After revisiting the wax memory and the necessary stop for chocolate milk we went our separate ways.

A Part II may be in order since the tone changes.

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