Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Continuation of Day 21

The Russian gives me a stupefied look after my dirty undergarment comment, so I gargled through laugher, "He asked for it." 

When we got downstairs I noticed that his car was parked out front. At which point he said "we can go somewhere around here or I can take you somewhere else." I was feeling a bit adventurous so, "Somewhere else sounds promising."

Inside his car we listened to blaring French rap, as we sped through winding streets up a mountain. Don't look down because it's off a cliff you go. He kept offering me cigarettes, but I told him that I only smoked when there was a drink close by.

He took me to the Beluga, a swanky bar, lounge, restaurant, whatever on the water front. We sat outside it was nice. He ordered his rum and coke, I a glass of red. He smoked. I smoked. I smoked one to his every three. We sat across from each other. I on a couch alone, and he on a leather armchair, which suited me fine since I was more interested in the view then the company.

His personality def. changed once we arrived. There was an air of confidence, one I didn't care much for. He thought he had me. (No-one has me, he would soon find that out.) The confidence did make the conversation entertaining, it was sparring with words. He would say one thing and I would completely disagree, simply to disagree. Except when the subject of love and fidelity arose.

First off he told me, his first sexual encounter was with a "bitch", a hooker. At this I made a very disapproving face and told him that was disgusting. (Boys when trying to impress do not mention paying for it.) Then he went on to say that he had suspicions of his recent ex cheating on him, yet he had already openly admit that he had other women on the side during his relationship with her. But that was okay because he was a man, and "men have needs." Needless to say it was a very heated conversation. On my end there was a lot of:

"What! What is wrong with you? How do you expect someone to be loyal when you refuse to show them the same curtsey? No! It's not okay for men to cheat because they're men! That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard!"

After my second glass of red and his of R & C I expressed that was enough for me. When the waiter came to check on us he ordered another R & C and said, "And another glass of red for the beautiful woman." (keep the Russian accent in mind) I quickly responded, "Thank you, but I won't be having anything else."

The Russian, "Common you aren't going to make me drink alone."

Me: "Then don't drink." (with a smile)

He offers me a cigarette. I take it.

Me: "I think they're trying to close anyway. Shall we leave?" (The chairs were on tables, all other patrons were gone.)

Russian: "What do you want? Back to the hotel or somewhere else?"

Me: "What time is it?"

Russian: "One something."

Me: "Some where else. I can sleep when I'm dead." (Laugh. I knew I probably should have called it, calling it, really is an art form.)

We went on to this other place in town which was a positive. There was a live band singing, "Rape me my friend," at which point I expressed excitement, not because I loved the song, but because I went over those lyrics in a features class a few months past.

 I made us sit up close to the band so I couldn't hear him talk. I was having a great time, until the offers for a drink started to accumulate. He must have asked me eighteen times if I wanted a drink, and each time I smiled and said, "No, no thanks." I was trying to keep the little cat inside from clawing his face since he had to take me home. But when the instant came about when he leaned in to kiss me, I put my hand in his face, and said, "Not this girl. I need to get back to the hotel, now."

On the drive back the Russian started to speed and became very quiet. The man had two rum and cokes and three beers, I became worried.

Me: "Would you like me to drive."

Russian, "What?"

Me: Your drunk and you're driving too fast. I'd like to get to the hotel alive if you don't mind."

He slowed down.

Russian: "I'm okay. Don't worry. You don't have to worry with me. I'll protect you." (Yes, he said this. It must be the language barrier or he really is that lame.)

He offered me a cigarette. I was done with accepting anything further from him.

Me: "No, thanks."

 I began to relax and enjoyed the song. Two minutes after relaxtion he offered me another cigarette.

The cat is out..Me: "Stop offering me things I don't want!"


Russian: "Are you angry with me?"

Me: "Yes! I'm angry with you! How would you like it if someone kept offering you something after you've said no many many times!"

Russian: "I don't think it would bother me."

Me: "Well it bothers me! How are you going to keep offering something to someone when they don't want it? It doesn't make any sense!"

Silence the rest of the way.

When we arrived at the hotel he got out to walk me. I told him that was unnecessary. He offered his number I told him that was also unnecessary. Mean? I don't care. Lets only hope that he learned something that night.
Why did I go? I was moving with the changes of the wind. Would I have kissed him if he were a gentleman? No, I don't go around kissing just anyone. It's a privilege, not a given.

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