Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pause from the count down!!! I need a rant.

I don't have a ton of time since I'm waking up at early as cheese to accompany my friend, April to a Katy Perry - Today Show thing in a few hours---F spelling.

This afternoon I was walking around Boston with my friend/ x-room mate Marissa- who I love - who I love - who I love! And I get a text from wonderful April asking if I was busy because she has an extra ticket for this Perry thing. I thought- I'm in Boston - Sure I'll be there -

I take off driving at 7:40 - Stop at Pat's Pizza in Milton for a slice - Yum - then get onto South 93. Traffic - no movements - I thought about taking a book out but then thought of something better - I'll just cut everyone - Sure there was honking - and sure I told an annoyed gentleman to fuck off - but it had to be done.

Then the rain....The rain! The torrential rain. I could barely see. The white lines on the road had to be completely disregarded - those bumpy shoulders came in handy. I gave up on using my signal - The other drivers on the road were loosing it - People were driving with their freaking hazards on? They were acting as if it were raining frogs and not water - If you can't drive in the rain stay home! Common! I couldn't slow down - or wouldn't slow down - there were moments when I actually screamed out Ahhhhh!! as I passed trucks. (I-95 the highway of many big trucks)

Three hours in & the boredom and foot cramp struck. Lets paint a picture::

Tasteless gum pirched on the steering wheel - head leaning in left hand - right hand steering the car - right leg over the divider - left foot on the gas.

Then there were occasional out bursts of "YOu Slut!" at other drivers - which in turn made me laugh. Or I'd scream at the rain with my fist in the air as I said, "Is that all you've got." That also made me laugh very much since it reminded me of some movie - ship - water - I trust you get it.

When I finally hit Jersey the rain let up, and I whipped my trusty steeds (mustang) into 95/96. Part of me was actually hoping I'd get pulled over so I could talk to another person. (phone dead)

Well I'm home now - all of my pieces are in tact. Boston to New Jersey - driving under a furious shower - 5 hours and change - not bad...

Sleep now.

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