Sunday, July 24, 2011


Zigmat is a Spanish flavored electronic rock band that rose up out of Brooklyn. 

Their latest song is: Beautiful Takes The World. Is a song about shallow waters or about being caught up with materialistic needs. Which I'm sure that no-one can relate to. 

Although the parents of Zigmat’s lead singer and instrumentalist, Monica Lionheart wanted what everyone's parents want for their children, reasonable trousers that are usually accompanied by financial security, Monica decided to say no to beige and yes to the voice from within.

After graduating from Boston’s Berklee School of Music, Monica moved to Brooklyn where she met fellow alumni, (Whom she hadn’t met until that night.) Stephen Yonkin, a bassist who was also trying to put together a band during that period. 

For that next year Monica and Stephen combined ideas, wrote music, and made plans/goals. The result of that year proved that hard work rewards since Zigmat released their first album, Sounds of Machine in 2008, as well as being singled out by a Brazilian music producer after playing a set at an East Village bar, Nublu. “It was like from a movie,” said Monica Lionheart about that evening.

That set in the East Village lead to a school of opportunities like a contract with Brazilian record label Ultra Records, another contract with Spanish record label Actua, and a Grendene shoe commercial starring Gisele Bundchen. Along with those checks on the – I did it – list are a slew of television and radio appearances and song pickups. 

Since Zigmat became band they went through a few members, but the two pillars that hold them together, Stephen, who produces and plays bass, and Monica who is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer have remained. When other hands and minds are needed individual musicians are invited on. 

When Monica Lionheart was asked if and how Zigmat has evolved since 2006 her response was, “We’re older now, we’re a little more sophisticated with the technical stuff and we’re aware of what matters more.” Monica also contributed her personal experience since 2006, “When we started I was the in your face girl, the girl who can’t be stopped. I still have a little debris from that chip on my shoulder, but these days I feel smoother and relaxed.”

Indeed Zigmat is currently re-visiting Brooklyn. Those who missed them at the Celebrate Brooklyn show on July 8th can hear them at Nublu on Oct 4th or Oct. 18th. For further concert dates and locations visit their website.

Also, Monica has started a solo project, for more information on that go say hey to MonicaLionheart.

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