Friday, May 6, 2011


Someone told me to check out Sushi Sushi, so I did.

Once there I found an Italian couple behind a sushi bar, who seemed to be married for about 40 years. (Some agreements have a specific presence, it was a good presence.)  When I walked around I saw a sushi bar, I saw sushi accesories: knives, plates, soy sauces, all products for a sushi picnic.

In the boutique section of the shop, there were purses, scarfs, necklaces and ear rings made out of treated paper, tea pots, lamps, and kimonos. I asked Marina, the wife, where the merchendise was from, she explained that all the items are from different places. One necklace was made by an Italian, another necklace was shipped in from Japan. The lamps are from Brazil, the scarfs were hand made by a  Japanese couple that she met in Paris. It's a -- everything has some sort of story -- place.

(Right) Necklace
This is a special place. And yes I have to go back for that necklace.

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