Thursday, April 21, 2011

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Perhaps I should start singing about things I've done in Rome since I've been spending some time here.  

A few days back I went to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to see what Mexican Artist, Carlos Amorales had to say throughout his three month exhibition.

The iphone was the only option here.
When I got to the Amorales area I was met by motion, by objects that conveyed ideas. There were two spaces dedicated to different concepts. The first room I walked into was well lit, there were black plastic shapes, varying in size, hung from the ceiling, it appeared as if they were floating. And the surrounding white walls were covered with pencil scribblings. I walked around and under the hanging shapes. As I did i saw that this is the sort of installation that can be seen with different eyes throughout blocks of time. It also made me think that life is made up of different shapes of plastic, or of different pieces of function and dysfunction.

When I took my camera out an associate of the museum said, "Sorry, no photo." I put my camera away while thinking: That sounded like a challenge.

The Cafeteria
The second area had butterflies and moths of varying sizes and breeds placed in such ways that they looked like they had landed there on their own accord. Although they were black, they were against the white wall so it pleased me to see it put together the way it was. At another section of this space the walls were covered by black birds. The birds represented inevitable death. (This was written on an informational card.) If I were to donate a positive spin, I'd say every reminder of death should remind you to have that picnic, or to go read in the sun for awhile.

In the downstairs cafeteria I was focused on a tiramisu. When I asked about it, I was told that it was being saved for someone? How terrible. This lead me to believe that in fact the deserts were worth eating, so I asked for the cheesecake parfait instead. It was yummy.

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