Tuesday, March 8, 2011

why did it take me so long to write this

I saw a modern looking office building while on a timber errand in a town twenty minutes from Rome South.

Since I hardly ever pay attention to where or what I'm doing I became distracted by this near by office building since there were objects such as drying racks draped with clothes or towels that were hanging just outside of the windows. There were also satellite dishes secured to various points of the exterior. The first thing my brain concluded was, people live in there, so I said it aloud. The person beside me varified this by saying something along the lines of: Yeah, they live there illegally, and it's really hard to get them out when you want to do something else with the building....... My questions are: How are they getting electricty? How do they keep warm in the winter? Perhaps the persons who supply these necessities look the other way due to the line of thought of: green in my pocket is all that matters.

I went back to that town, or region yesterday to find the answers to those questions. The hitch was I couldn't find the building even though I had the address and the use of TomTom. Which is really stupid because it's not exactly a grain of rice among many. It's a monster with mirror like windows, among smaller stucco apartment buildings. I drove around for two hours, I asked six different people for directions. It was frustrating..... Actually it wasn't  that frustrating. I got to see more of the town which is mostly populated by these clay colored stucco apartment buildings that have too many television antennas on them. I also got to see original grand houses that are well kept behind gates, and the ancient city walls... These sort of factors make me think that a lot of Italians have a sentimental respect for objects of the past.

On the road that left town I looked at this rainbow as I thought: What the heck am I going to do inside a building of squatters? Maybe I wasn't supposed to find the building.  Then I thought, look at the colors. Where was I going? To Frascti for raviolis of course.

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