Monday, February 21, 2011

I've taken up horse back riding again

Look at me Mom! That silly horse broke me in half, but I'm not scared anymore! (Please, Mr. Horse don't throw me off again. I'll bring you lots of sugared carrots.) 
(Are those roses or cupcakes?)

Where was I? I was here all along.... i needed a minute or six months to sort things out  is all. And wow that is the shortest summary I could possibly offer. Which is just as well 'cause who wants to hear about sheep or bike rides anyway?

 Aside from two weeks in Paris, I've been living here in Rome since mid Oct....  I've been waiting for the right moment to start talking, and although all signs are telling me it isn't today, (a special glass broke the other day, and a special cactus I bought for a special person was killed by a dog two nights ago.) but I'm gonna go ahead and start anyway.

Yesterday I drove to Fascti, a town known for it's porchetta and white wine. The first thing I did when I arrived was find a cafe since it was noon and I still didn't have a first cappuccino. At the cafe I sat at a table in the sun with my journal and the cappuccino I paid a euro for. (Not bad.)

After working on my memory skills I went for a walk. I found my way to the center square where there was a church, a fountain, and a statue of a Saint. These things don't impress me anymore, since those three things are staples of most towns in this region. Isn't that terrible?

Anybes, what impressed me were the restaurants, the porchetta stands, the bars, the gym, the clothing shops, the dance studio, the views of towns that are closer to the center of Rome, the Irish pubs , the public parks/gardens, the scoccer club, the sound of television that was heard from the open windows of homes. There were cars parked on the streets. When I walked past a school, I saw weathered paper air planes on the ground behind a gate... This could mean that the ten year olds aren't texting.  This could maybe be a place to raise a dog?

What I'm saying is: This is the sort of place that tourists want to see, except it isn't touristy since people live there. The town has a hum or an echo, which was nice to listen to after hearing niente in towns that were deserted due to off season... (They've got a hint of Napoli charm.)

When I walked around and saw all those things, I stepped lightly. It was as if I didn't want anyone to see how happy I was because of the stupid look on my face..... When I drove home I didn't use TomTom at all. Which means I know a few roads now. The sun roof was down, my hair was loose, the sun glasses were on... People probably could have mistaken me for an Italian if I had just kept my mouth shut. But when Katy Perry sings 'Firework,' I have to act like Jersey for that minute.


  1. Jane: A beautiful blend good solid fun writing, and photographs, although you need to include yourself in the photos on occasion. It will personalize it all even more. Keep posting gal; this is great fun for all the rest of us.

    Live it up!


  2. Allen! I'm so happy you read! I thought putting myself in the pictures would seem a little, I don't know, like I'm making a movie in my backyard with my younger brother? (Who doesn't exist.) But perhaps you know a few more things than I? So, I'll try.

    <Living it up... I think.