Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trader Joe's Wine

A month or so ago I found out through a friend that Trader Joe's wine is bleeding cheap due to a bothersome divorce between Charles Shaw and ex wife.

After learning this I thought: Wells good for him, and Ha! (I figured this was vengeance for an ill deed. I'm not sure why my brain went there?)

A week later with the information fresh in my mind I told someone else. The response was the excitement that usually comes along with hearing a piece of information that one isn't supposed to.... "Really??" -x "Really." -J. Then I thought really? Is this really true? Then, I figured I should probably find out if this were true before sharing with others.

This task went on the Make-believe To Do List. Ya know when ya tell yourself to do a thing right before it pops out of your head forever? That is the Make-believe To Do List. Ahh-choo,  so as I stood in line at the Union Square Trader Joe's yesterday, I stepped out of line and approached the general manager. I told her what I had heard. She told me, "Yeah, no. Actually there's a wine glut, and we buy the Shaw wines in bulk with cash, which allows us to be affordable."

Although the truth isn't as gripping, I prefer it.

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