Wednesday, August 18, 2010

China Town, ny

I've been food shopping in China Town

I do it for the experience, and I guess the food as well. Hm, how to explain this. When I go to Whole Foods it's like stepping into a JCrew, everything is where it should be, it's nice. When I walk around China Town it's like spending a time at Urban Outfitters, except the quality of the products are better. (I know Urban, you've got your reasons. I'm just sayin'.)

The last trip to China Town wasn't the norm, since I've been steering away from things that start to seem like "the norm" these days. So I nosed around instead of marching straight to Sun Vin Grocery, a place that has many brands of yummy rice noodles, frozen dumplings, and spicy chili garlic sauce. 

Upon the nosing around I found this "Chinese Cake" cart on Mulberry and Canal. Holy peanut butter & jelly. There's a man selling these pancake/waffle like cakes (It isn't cake.) that taste like Madeline cookies, (Or Madeleine, there seem to be two spellings for it.) but lighter for a dollar. That is correct one dollar. 

A few paces away from that was a bald coconut table. I haven't had coconut water from the coconut since 2005. My eyes widened when I watched the teenage looking boy slice open the coconut with a large knife. He seemed so happy when he handed it to me. Or maybe that was me projecting my own feelings? 

The moral of this one? China Town: It's raw and authentic. The people there work hard, and there's something about sweat that I respect.

When there do purchase fruits and vegetables on the street. Do bring cash with you if you don't plan on spending a lot, o and the seafood markets are, "cash only." (I received this information in a severe manner.)

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