Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bar Pitti

The other night I went in to see 'Eat, Pray, Love.' .. Gosh it did good things for me. I need to see it again. ..And I'm pretty sure that I'm going through the eating phase right now? (Wells, the book did that.)

So I did the movie alone. Then I went to a solo dinner at Bar Pitti... I enjoy the time I have with myself. It took me awhile to find this, but I'm here. At certain moments I feel like I’m a wild horse, or that I’m best friends with the wind.  And yes, I laugh to myself when people take notice. I thought we saw it all New York.

Why Bar Pitti? I went there three years ago with friends, and I haven’t forgotten it since.  Also, after watching Julia Roberts eat Rome the way she did, Italian was the only thing to do. So at 11ish pm the Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana was placed in front me. (House made pasta, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and bacon with a cream sauce.YesYes It was that good.) This was the same dish I had 3 years ago. I had to check up on it... It was just as good as my memory told me, even though there was less bacon in comparison to the first time. O well, these things are to be expected. They give us less, we pay the same or more, and there's nothing we can do about it because they have all the power. 

Achoo. When I was near done with the pasta my Sicilian Waiter took an interest in my journaling. He asked how many pages I write a day/ Me: “3?” He then asked if what I was writing was “secret?” Me: “It’s a secret if you want to look at it.” Then I told him that if he were to tell me how o make their pasta I would allow him to read my journal. He then, said, “Ta know with the eggs, ad with the flour.” But he said that as he started to walk away, which was a clear indication of sorry no.

One beautiful aspect to eating alone? You can appreciate and taste what you're eating because there are no other distractions. I realized this after having what seemed like a personal moment with my food. And immediately after that moment I wondered how many people of all those around me that night remembered their meal, the way I remembered mine. That meal put a smile on my face as I walked home.

Prices? O so reasonable.  
Photos? I know, not so good. I'm going to try to purchase a new camera with monopoly money next week. I'll let you know if it's a success. 

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