Tuesday, July 20, 2010



By H.E. Mantel-HaroHalola
Across the River, West 'tis that

at the cliffs & clefts of Victoria above
blackish waters slick as Legislation, of Verrazzano
& not-so-merried ferries, the promontory sits of
visage, resplendented of red deer & red bear &
white Eagles' scat from Lady Liberty!

Why, in the glare of where, opossum
& red squirrel, vied in-passioned
imposters of small virtue in deed 
sought, wrought of purloin
for some vertu & bijouterie for
- (The Chief Islander - so the Mythic goes!) -

But Hey!, it's up-on the BigScreen, now
playin' @ The Bijou, & in the dutri-plexes
& plexes of plexiglasse &
MegaPlexes of Tribeca, in the Tri-boros+2...

Avaunt! Above Verrazzano visage   
tramontane, There! The filth & flair
urbicide of City-fare, miasma which got us into
insouciant Dutch!

H.E. Mantel-HaroHalola of Hallandale Beach, Florida; published Poet/Writer, extensively in print and internet Magazines, Journals, Anthologies; awaiting the publication of Poetry collections, "Bananas' On The Moon...A Collection Of Revisionist Haiku" & "Sophistigates: A New Book Of New Poetry," musician-vocalist-songwriter, an avid reader, athlete, and devotee of Holistic Health through Vegan lifestyle, ecology and his Writing to Help Our Earth to Heal

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