Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bryant Park Completed

I bet you thought I was done talking about Bryant Park....Nope, not done yet. 

 Last Thursday I went over to the chess area to see what was going on. I didn't find any of the regular chess guys, but I did find a fellow player, Peter, who showed up for the same reason I did.

 Peter was a History Professor at Pace University. Unfortunately, I didn't say anything like, "O my gosh I graduated from there!" I think I said something like, "e-huh." This was not a funny matter, I was attempting to concentrate.... In fin, I lost. Concentrating? What was I thinking! That never works for me. After the game we shook hands, I paid the fifty cents for the use of the board and left in a fury. (He didn't know I was furious. But I felt like one of those goalies that just let one slip by.) 

What else does Bryant Park have to offer? 

There are movie showings on Monday evenings at 5 p.m. I know, everyone has that info. But have you all gone, knowing and doing are two different animals. (Bonnie And Clyde. I'll see you there.)

On Tuesday mornings you can meet Terry who houses twenty-something tropical birds. She brings different ones in each week so that they all get a chance to socialize.

There are free knitting, yoga, and fencing classes. (Fencing is on my list.) Since the 21st of June sixty pianos were donated and placed in various parks of Nyc. Do you know how happy this makes me? There is a piano at 5th Ave. behind the Nyc library by the Bryant Park restaurant. And anyone can play it. Well you can't play during the scheduled performances, but it's yours when the keys are unoccupied. (A WitchCraft peanut butter cookie, this is a yes.)

And are you ready for this? There are poetry and book readings on Tuesday evenings. I know, holy chocolate bars.

For more details on times and days have a look at Bryant Park's Event Calender.

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