Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 Dot 25 Dot 09

By Yours Truly
Myself, plus book, plus pen, plus bathing-suit.
I labored to get here - at this park where parents are rooting for their
         sons' baseball teams.
I quit all sports once I realized they were war like - pinning sides
         against each other.

As soon as I sat, the sun went to lunch with five aggressive clouds.
Maybe the sun was bullied into it?
I look up and scan the upper atmosphere for SOS signals.

He catches my eye and says, "I'll see you in 15."

"In 15! I need you now! I don't have anything left, aside from writing.
Is that enough?
I wish I had enough guts to end it."

"Common you wouldn't do that," says the swarm of flies that are
         flying at all directions two feet above my head.
They look like winged chocolate sprinkles.
Or at least I tell myself they do, so they're close proximity doesn't
         bother me.

"& I know."

What's worse - not having friends or not having friends that don't love
       you enough?
Yet, the reason they don't love you enough is you invariably purchase   one
       way tickets
to internal seclusion when the hard parts of life exasperate you.

"Sun, you said 15 minutes. All I'm getting is a breeze, although the
       breeze is relieving."
The sun peeks his face through, "Minutes? I could have meant hours,
       or days."
"You can't be serious," I say.

"You can't depend upon me or anyone else to make you feel better

"O Sun , you know me by name? That makes me feel better."
"You aren't getting the point."
"I think I'm going to lather myself in Water Babies sunscreen,
             the scent triggers pleasant memories."

It begins to rain.
Yes, that is the park. And that was me at the time of that title. Presently, I am very excited about the World Cup. I guess things have changed dot dot dot exclamation mark

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