Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The CupcakeStop

Since I intern close enough to Madison Square Park, I tend to end up there a lot after free work. I try to get in as much outside time as possible. I can't help it, I like the sky.

Anyway, after spending an efficient amount of time on a park bench last week I head to the yellow line. While rounding the corner I spotted this Cupcake truck, and  thought, nahh.

If you know me, then you know that I will go to the ice cream...Although I have been known to lean towards a tart when I feel like livin' on the edge, or I will do an occasional visit to Crumbs, cuz yeah, they're up to good things over there. But, for the most part I'm usually dissatisfied by cupcakes. I think it's the dryness that confuses me.

After passing up the CupcakeStop for two days while giving it these inquiring looks, I decided to stop behaving like a crazy person and find out what the cupcakes tasted like. At the very least, I could form an opinion.

I stepped up, ordered a nutella cupcake, carried it down into the subway, got on the subway, (It was one of those perfect moments of being in sync with public transport.) sat down, put cupcake in mouth. "Woahh, this is really good," I said aloud. There was an Italian couple seated across from me, I figured they understood the concept of: When food is good, it's good, it's only right to be excited about good food. There were pieces of hazelnuts in there! The frosting was lite, and it complemented the cake so well.

Of course I had to contact CupcakeStop to ask questions. There was no hesitation about that. After a few e-mails I was able to obtain the following information from Lev, the CEO of CupcakeStop.

Lev studied law, not cupcakes. Yet, when he graduated, the job market was unfriendly, which caused him to go about things a little differently.

"I wanted to go out on my own and work for myself instead of waiting for the job market to improve. I thought a cupcake truck was a creative spin on selling cupcakes and would allow me to not only reduce start up costs, but also garner more attention and exposure than a brick and mortar location would provide."

The inside information on these cupcakes is that Lev runs his business on a strict, this - has- to - be - fresh basis. Which is why it's so good. How can I tell? By how I felt after eating the cupcake. A heavy feeling is never good.

The CupcakeStop just opened their first shop at the Limelight Place at 6th Ave and 20th. Their truck is also parked in a number of locations according to days and times. They do Tweet about locations. So, check them out.

And yeah, it's better than Crumbs. (Crumbs I still love you, please don't start screening my calls.)

(I've also tried their Oreo cupcake. Yup, it's good stuff, especially if you're a fan of the frosting in the middle.)

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  1. I wish that truck was park by where i work :(