Sunday, April 25, 2010


This past Monday evening I attended an UnTapped event, hosted by Ms. Jordana Hazan, at the Rivington Hotel.

The purpose of the event was to assist the launching of designers/stylists who are warming up to hot, as well as raising money for FAVALA's, Alicia Sanchez. (Ms. Sanchez is a fellow designer who is struggling with two things: cancer and paying the lofty bills that come with being sick. This is an injustice.)

While there I spoke to a number of the models who were donning these elaborate getups or jewelery with their own clean slate clothes. The idea was, the models were assigned to mingle aka fill in the invited guests with the who dressed them info.

Initially the models weren't as talkative, actually they never really broke out of those shells, which was fine because I am not a shy person. While trying to decide on who to approach, I saw a group of four male models, and thought, there's good.

After introducing myself we talked a little  about the decorative ornaments they were wearing, the Rock Band leather wrist bands. After 15 or so minutes of chatting, I learned that I was among two aspiring actors, an aspiring model, and the fourth was a bit more cautious with his words. (You do what you got to, to make it.) Around that time I realized that the conversation had turned to personal matters, so I advised myself to stop giving looks and step away from the male models.

After breaking away I met a Ms. Veronica Kelly of Veronica Ariel.  Her calling card goes: Personal Shopper, Stylist, and Designer. She isn't bored. One of Veronica's models had on a one piece that looked like a two. It was something that could do well at a night event. (Not the movies.) It can be barely seen at the top photo. The second girl from the left. The picture posted beside these words is a clearer visual of what Veronica is up to.

P.s. On route to New York from Chicago she lost her wallet, got to the event, printed business cards on the fly, and told me this as if she were recalling something pleasant. Ms. Kelly is cool. (Veronica currently stalks Stella McCartney and New York for inspiration.)

With that story stashed away I walked across the room to a black dress. I had purchased something similar to it, then returned it due to it not fitting correctly. But, this dress canceled that dress out. Both dresses were a simple cut, but this one had the balance between modesty and strength. I hate admitting this on here, but I thought Gaga.

When I spoke to the designer, Tina Tandon, I expressed excitement. She said thanks, and a few things that I could not recollect afterwards, so I contacted to ask a few questions. What she had to say was:

"I am always inspired by vintage, and also by nature. All my collections have a bit of that influence. For Fall-10, I was more interested in combining the opposites - The soft and the hard, the feminine and the masculine, the fluid and the sturdy. There are feminine silhouettes with hard edge, rocked-out details with chains, and studs, and soft flowy silk fabrics molded into structural details." (Ms. Tandon's dresses can be found at Foravi in Soho, as well as other locations. Her site is linked above.)

Hmmm who else do I want to sing about? Dutch. No, not the language that is spoken in Western Europe. Dutch is a jewelery company. The designer, IJfke Ridgley, (pronounced "eye-f-kuh") uses recycled and vintage material for the necklaces and bracelets she pieces together. According to her business card, these body garnishes are "90% Virtue, and 10% Vice." Ha. Clever. (Although I would switch the two around.) Hey Ijfke, that Green Lace & Gold necklace, I like.

There were also a number of other designers there, but this is not the song that never ends.

But I will do shout outs. Silhouette was present, a Brazilian brand that focuses on bikinis and gym clothes. (Hoje é um dia de sol) (They have items at Equinox.) Jacqui Bennett was there representing her baby, Yarhn. A few words to describe what she's up to: organic fabric, crisp cuts with soft materials. And lastly Rachel Brown was there with her Kabbalah jewelery. When I spoke with Rachel she explained that the engravements on her pieces were supposed to be read right to left, in doing so, releases a positive energy. Do I believe in Kabbalah? Not that I know of. Did I get a good case of goose flesh after hearing this? Yes, the mind is powerful.

Last statement: The night in it's entirety was fun. I also met a guy named Dino. Is it silly to like someone because they have a fantastic name? (I say no.)

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